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Ukraine Exhibition Flyer

The aim of this exhibition is to provide an insight into the events taking place in Eastern Ukraine. It will reveal the evidence of the support by the Russian government of the militants, and it will demonstrate in most explicit terms the brutality and the violence of this war. The exhibition is to raise public awareness and attract the attention of eminent politicians and public figures to the problem.
Especially it is important to understand that the conflict is not in fact localized, but is a hotbed for a potential international catastrophe. Unless the requisite measures are taken to put an end to Russian aggression in Ukraine, the conflict may grow into a large scale world crisis.

The organizers of the event are Canadians for Democracy in Russia (CDR ) a non-profit political organisation based in Toronto, which represents pro-democratic Russian Canadians, and Euromaidan Canada Committee - Ukrainian Canadian Congress Toronto, an organisation which represents the Ukrainian community.


Running the Exhibition

The layout consists of roughly fifty sheets of 36"x24" in size, which are to be printed upon coated foam boards by those, who wants to display the exhibition in their town. The organizers are ready to provide the complete materials upon request to anyone interested in organising and running this exhibition in other cities across the world free of charge.

Here is an example of one 36"x24" sheet (designed with 7200x4800 200dpi resolution):

Proofs1 x1024

We can also provide the content in Adobe InDesign format, more suitable for the publishing.

Informational brochure

Click here to download the informational brochure about the exhibition as a PDF file


Please have a look at the exhibition's brochure for a brief introduction about the exhibition. 


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Euromaidan Canada's page on Facebook

More about the war in Ukraine


Report by Boris Nemtsov


Or, download as a PDF file here: In English || in Russian

Hiding in Plain Sight: Putin's War in Ukraine

Report by Atlantic Council (http://www.atlanticcouncil.org/)


Or, download as a PDF file here: in English

OSCE Resolutions

OSCE Parliamentary Assembly adopts resolution condemning Russia’s continuing actions in Ukraine