The World is in danger. Act now. Stop Putin.

According to the July 27, 2015 UN report, at least 17,087 people have been wounded and 6,832 people have been killed in Russia’s war against Ukraine. This number includes casualties amongst the Ukrainian armed forces as reported by the Ukrainian government; the 298 people from the Boeing MH-17; and the casualties reported by civil medical establishments of the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts. The report notes that the actual number is likely to be higher, as both civilian and military casualties are underreported. [1]

According to president Poroshenko the ongoing war costs Ukraine $10 million every day, making it more difficult for the government to implement all the necessary reforms, promised during the EuroMaidan. [2]

The cost of the war in Ukraine for Russia according to different estimations is at least between $1 to $3 million per day.[3, 4, 5]




GDP per capita (2014)[6]



Active Military Manpower (2014)[7]



Reserves (2014)[8]



Available Military Manpower (2010 est.)[9]



During Putin’s first decade in power, Russia was an authoritarian state, where all key decisions were made by one person, and where any criticism of and political

opposition to the government was suppressed. However, during the last two years, Putin has transformed Russia into a totalitarian state, where total and absolute control over the social and political spheres is being established, and where an expansionist and aggressive foreign policy is being pursued. Within Russia, what had been suppression of the opposition has turned into outright persecution. Critics of Putin’s policies are murdered or imprisoned. A massive and extremely expensive propaganda campaign promoting war and aggression, imperialist nationalism and hatred towards the West and other countries has been launched both for the audiences within and outside of Russia. Putin’s government purposely enables and supports radical nationalist and imperialist elements within society. Russian officials frequently make open threats against other countries, including threats of military and even nuclear attacks. The war in Ukraine has demonstrated, that Putin’s government resorts to the most base, deceptive, cynical and dishonest methods in order to pursue its own expansion and subjugation of other countries. Putin cannot be trusted. Negotiating with him is utterly ineffective, and precedent has shown that he breaks any promises and agreements, as soon as he finds them not to his advantage. Unless the Russian government is restrained, isolated and contained by decisive actions on the part of the international community, such as strong economic and political sanctions and the provision of effective assistance to Ukraine, the Russian government will continue to pursue its current aggression, which may grow into a major international catastrophe. If Putin is allowed to secure a victory in Ukraine, this will lead to the violent expansion of a totalitarian state on the world stage, and the beginning of a devastating global conflict. The only way to bring Russian back into the international community is to ensure that the totalitarian system within Russia is dismantled and uprooted, full and thorough internal political and social changes takes place there, and the country is set upon a democratic and peaceful path.

If Ukraine is not helped now and Russia is not stopped, who is next?


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