With Canada’s minister of National Defence Jason Keyney

The second presentation of or exhibition “The War in Ukraine: the Truth about the Russian Invasion of Ukraine” took part at the Ukrainian Festival on Bloor St. W. on September 19-20, 2015. We are very grateful to the organisers or the festival, to Euromaidan, to UCU Wealth Centre, who provided us with space on the outside and all others who helped us. Special thanks to @Adrian Kos, who helped us with attaining this opportunity.
Over a thousand people have went through the exhibition, in detail examining each poster, including many Canadians, who were previously not fully aware of the situation in Russia and Ukraine. We had a great number of positive responses, and have raised $993.85 in two days. Even as a heavy rain has befallen us on the first day of the festival, many people with their umbrellas were still perusing the posters. People from other cities were proposing to help us bring it elsewhere, including Buffalo, Kingston and London, Ontario.

Thanks to the Euromaidan organisers, the Hon. Jason Kenney, Canada’s minister of defence, has visited our display, and we conducted a special tour for him and his assistants, showing and explaining the entirety of the exhibition. He was strongly impressed, and we discussed the necessity of supporting democracy in Easter Europe and helping Ukraine, as well as of opposing Putin’s regime and aggression. Most importantly, in his Twitter, Mr. Kenney made a post about his visit of the exhibition, in which he called the war “Vladimir Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine”. https://twitter.com/jkenney/status/645354613332312064…
Ahead of us, to spread the message about the war and Putin’s aggression, still lie many cities, including New York and Ottawa!

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